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One of the best methods for improving production, quality and employee safety is to ensure that employees are properly trained, prior to being placed in the production process. It doesn’t help any organization to have the best equipment and process flow, if the employees are not trained on the proper procedures and safe guards associated with the operation.

Regardless of your safety training requirements, each company must figure out the best method to achieve the training. Timing is one of the biggest issues prohibiting companies to achieve the required employee safety training.

Our training modules are designed to allow employee training when time is available. We will help you develop a customized safety training strategy, which will include industry and regulatory required training. Our goal is to allow you to address both production and training goals, without jeopardizing one another.

This is why we offer various levels of pricing that can be based upon per person or per day with no additional charges for after hours or weekend training sessions.

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Qualified, Experienced Professionals

Our Clients can be confident that their safety needs are being address by skilled, experienced professionals. We have over forty years in the safety business and we continue to develop our expertise through extensive professional development.

Expertise With Projects Large and Small

Whether your organization needs help with a single facet of your safety efforts or a comprehensive program, our professionals have the depth of knowledge and practical experience to help. We’ve provided safety services on everything from small projects to huge, time-sensitive outages.



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Our recently updated facility is set up to accommodate both large and small groups, and various classes.

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